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Luce vestido de novia en 33 países gracias a luna de miel de un año

Mismo vestido, 33 países diferentes, pareja que gusta viajar

lunes 21 de enero 2019, actualizada 11:26 am

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Zoe y Nick son una pareja a la que le gusta viajar y tras su boda, decidieron no aplazar más su deseo por conocer diferentes lugares alrededor del mundo.

Ella trajo consigo su vestido de novia para una luna de miel que duró prácticamente un año (52 semanas) y en la que pudieron fotografiarse en 33 países diferentes.

"La vida es demasiado corta para usar solo el vestido de novia una vez. Y el mundo es demasiado grande como para permanecer en tu pequeña ciudad toda tu vida. Nuestra esperanza es que cuando la gente vea nuestras fotos no sienta nada más que inspiración para explorar un nuevo lugar, pruebe un nuevo pasatiempo y cumpla el sueño que siempre ha tenido", dijo la pareja a la revista People.

Sus viajes quedaron plasmados en la cuenta de Instagram, @MarryMeInTravel, con fotos en lugares como Barcelona, París, el Santuario Meji en Tokio, los bosques de Phuket de Tailandia y más.



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We love sharing beautiful places, amazing food, nice people and tips to help with travel but the truth is, sometimes traveling just sucks (lol). Sometimes nothing goes right, everything gets delayed, delayed again and then canceled. You’re met with unkind people, usually you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money along the way. There’s stress and frustration. This all has encompassed our last few days trying to get to Brussels. After 10+ hours in different train stations throughout the Netherlands, delay after delay and cancel after cancel, we finally had to come to terms with the fact we just couldn’t get to Brussels. So we decided to push Germany 2 days ahead. Unfortunately there were more delays and more cancels. At 4am this morning we finally got to our hotel room after pleading with a taxi driver to take us the 1 1/2 hour trip for more money than the hotel even costs . So right now we’re in Germany, missing Brussels and re-grouping. We wanted to share this because we know a lot of people wonder where our bad days are. We genuinely try to find the positives always but sometimes travel just sucks . 3 years ago yesterday we went out on our first date. Yesterday we spent the day in a 95 degree Netherlands train station eating rice cakes. The only advice we can give when days like this happen is to take a deep breath and remember you’re not alone. That delay is happening to every other person that’s in the station with you, like the person you just argued with. The mom with three kids needs a seat more than you do so be generous. The person that pushed past you running is trying to catch their 7th train of the day. The rude lady behind the counter is rude because, well we’re not sure why she’s a jerk but I’m sure she’s got some stuff going on at home. And that large shirtless guy in the train station is very hot so maybe offer him a water... or a shirt. . The truth is bad days suck, travel involved or not. They suck for everyone, even people who don’t show it on their Instagram. So take a deep breath, eat your rice cake (or don’t they’re so bad) and remember we’re all going through something

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Woke up this morning to 15k followers! Thank you to each one of you for following along, asking questions and being interested in where we are & what we’re doing. Our hope is that we can help others in some way. Whether that’s an Airbnb in Greece, how to easily navigate through Thailand or just simply learn about somewhere you didn’t even know existed, like the Burg Eltz castle in Germany. We hope that through our instagram you’re not only inspired to travel to somewhere new but that it’s also a little easier for you! . #MarryMeIn Germany at the Burg Eltz Castle . . . . . . #Germany #in_germany #visitgermany #germanytourism #visitbavaria #deutschland_greatshots #topgermanyphoto #travelwithme #couplesgoals #wanderingweddings #dirtybootsandmessyhair #creativetravelcouples #dametraveler #TLpicks #travelanddestinations #coupleslovetravel #beautifulplaces #speechlessplaces #mydestinationguide #iamtb #travellerspath #letsgoeverywhere #travelapproach #stayandwander #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #letsgoeverywhere #speechlessplaces #lookslikefilm

Una publicación compartida por NICK ╳ ZOE | MARRY ME N (@marrymeintravel) el

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